January Dries

letort20130114copThe weatherman was especially nice in the beginning of January, 2013 and brought us temperatures nearing the 60s.  So I had to get out on the Letort and give it a go.

First thing to do, buy my 2013 PA Fishing License.  I love being able to do that online; I print out several copies and keep one in just about every conceivable place I may need one, just in case the opportunity presents itself.

Strung up the new Reddington 9′ 5 wt., and headed to the upper section of the famed stream.  As soon as I got to a section that has always shown promise, I saw it…bugs on the water!  They were small, but there were 100s of them.  It didn’t take but a couple of puffs on the Ran Habano #3 before I saw my first rise.  I tied that dry fly on so quick, I’m sure I skipped a step or two…I know I forgot to sharpen the hook or even trim the tag in my haste to get it on the water.  Second cast and BAM!  Check out the photo…the color and health of this fish was incredible.  After a quick photo shot, it was safely released back into the stream.  What a perfect January fishing day!